Calling America to Pray

We need you to be one in a million to pray for another spiritual awakening in our nation. The result will be multitudes turning to Jesus, a prosperous economy, safe cities, peaceful homes, packed churches and Spirit filled campuses. Please sign in and let the journey begin.

A Thousand Points of Light

We believe that a thousand cities and communities praying will make a difference. Make sure the light is turned on in your area. President Ronald Reagan said, “If we will not be governed by God, we must be governed by tyrants.

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Dale Gentry

Dale and Jean have been married for 54 years and have been in ministry since 1966. Dale served as a senior pastor for 23 years and for the past twenty eight years has served as a prayer leader and prophetic voice…

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Now is the time!

November, 11/15/18

“Father God………….our hearts are grieved for the thousands of Californians that continue to suffer as a result of the wildfires in the Golden State as the search continues………with compassionate hearts we pray for those who have endured much pain and suffering while thousands of firefighters continue to fight the flames that are causing the most deadly fire in state history………..accompanied by howling winds that could spark further fires with the slightest spark………..we pray for mercy Lord for our friends to the west while praying for President Donald Trump and his administration as rumors continue to swell of the evil plans of his opposing party including our religious freedoms……as we continue to pray for another spiritual awakening in America…….in Jesus name we pray…….amen and amen.”


Dios Padre… nuestros corazones están de luto por los miles de californianos que siguen sufriendo como resultado de los incendios en California… con corazones compasivos oramos por quienes han sufrido mucho dolor… miles de bomberos siguen luchando en las llamas en lo que es el incendió más peligroso en la historia del estado… acompañado de vientos que pueden comenzar fuegos con una llama pequeña… oramos por ellos mientras el Presidente Donald Trump y su administración mientras siguen los rumores del partido opuesto que desea destruirlos… oramos también por un avivamiento espiritual en el nombre de Jesús… amén 


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Prophetic Words 2016

“I hear the Holy Spirit saying that there is a Jezebel spirit that is attempting to make its way into the White House. Wickedness in high places. Desiring to take Naboth’s Vineyard. The inheritance of every believer. We must pray today, deliver us from evil.”  “I see a long hot summer with major renovations taking […]